#65 Dealing with Feedback We Disagree With

Today I will be sharing a question raised by one of our listeners, Paul from Phoenix Arizona Paul asks " I have just had some...

#64 You Cannot Legislate Against Stupidity

Legislate against stupidity
Today I share my thoughts on common threads I am seeing around the place. You cannot legislate against Stupidity. The DUMB LEADERS HANDBOOK – NOW...

#63 Dumb Leaders and Christmas Party Disasters

Disasters at Christmas Parties usually driven by dumb leaders. The best Christmas Party horror stories. The DUMB LEADERS HANDBOOK – NOW OPEN The library of leadership...

#62 – How Can we Challenge Poor Leadership

Poor leadership
A listener question from Gerry in Mackay, how can we best challenge poor leadership. The DUMB LEADERS HANDBOOK – NOW OPEN The library of leadership mistakes...

#61 – Askholes and Dumb Business Owners

What is an ASKHOLE? Today's podcast is born out of some frustration, and meeting a number of askholes during my tenure as a coach in...

#60 – Picking a Bad Boss at Interview Time

Answering a question from Cristy today about how to pick a bad boss at the interview stage. Hear stories and anecdote A Better Leadership Program The...