Episode 1-17 of the Dumb Leaders Podcast

We call our leader the Ostrich, and that’s because he prefers to keep his head in the sand. He prefers not to know about anything that may bee seen as bad news – he prefers to not know and only deals with bad news when it is inevitable.

When confronted by someone who wants to give him bad news, he tends to get angry and the words JUST fix it or else will come out in some stage of the conversation, or he just refuses to listen and says that is unacceptable – get it done.

Sharing a strategy on how to deal with Dumb Leaders like the Ostrich, and this DL who also shoots the messenger.

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Really looking forward to this growing and helping shape a new generation of leaders.

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Intro Sampled – Dumb Things – Paul Kelly

Outro Sampled – Date with a Vampire- Screaming Tribesman

Photo by Alphacolor 13 on Unsplash