Life is a journey of ongoing learning.

We may not always feel like it but we’re always taking in information from our surroundings and adjusting. Avoiding what we felt was a mistake of the past.

Unless you’re Chris Angel, or another street magician, after you got burnt putting your hand on a hot plate, you probably stopped doing that. It’s basic self-preservation.

Self-Doubt and Self-Sabotage… they’re related

Self-doubt can come from different directions but mostly from within. Sometimes, it’s because we’re placing too much importance on a particular event, rather than the process that will improve our results.

When we compare ourselves to others, there’ll always be those better off and others who you compare favourably to. Allowing the external comparison to impair your self-worth is always a challenge.

The most dangerous, self-doubt however, is when we let ourselves down because there’s an internal conflict. I remember long ago after I got a divorce: On one level, I desired a partner, that’s only natural, on another level I found it challenging to trust women. Naturally, it was a turbulent time as appeasing one’s desire created fear on another level.

If you find that self-doubt and self-sabotage crop up, you owe it to yourself to address the issue so you can be the leader you and your team deserve.

Here are ten things successful people do to keep on track:

  1. Successful people determine what success is to them – Prior to setting out, successful people will establish a clear picture of what a successful outcome is to them. They set the parameters.
  2. Listen to their Instincts – They utilise past experience as reference points without the need to always go through detailed analysis before making every single decision
  3. They utilise triage to decide the course of action – Successful people will quickly assess the severity and long-term impact of any dilemma before taking action.
  4. They understand the difference between what’s important and urgent – They will work on the important first and then only then consider it’s sense of urgency.
  5. Successful people know when to leave their ego at the door – Appreciating that another point of view may help improve their understanding and help their next move
  6. They take time to plan – Being clear about what is to be achieved, they’ll consider ways forward and plot a framework for achievement
  7. They will analyse and understand the risks – Appreciating the worst case scenario is a great confidence booster when proceeding
  8. They don’t get bogged in over analysis – Instead, they will move quickly from idea to testing a prototype or working model and analyse what happened, not theories.
  9. They’re kind to themselves – When things don’t work out, they consider what can be learned from the experience
  10. Look for patterns – They look for patterns of success and failure and when they notice a reoccurring pattern of doubt or sabotage, successful people seek help

I’m not going to tell you what success is to you. Only you can decide that.

One key to success is to be happy with life.

Happy, not just in the moment but with life. Of course, there will be trials along the way. Of course, the unexpected will happen. That’s life. How we respond to those events and let them influence us will greatly determine what we do next and what we allow ourselves to achieve.

Originally published at Growth Mentors.

Photo by on Unsplash