Welcome to Episode 249 of the Today’s Leader Podcast. Our special guest today is JENNIFER THORNTON, A.C.C., FOUNDER and it was a great conversation.  As Jen says, running a high-performance team always boils down to two things, Adopting a “perfect fit” hiring process and developing each hire. according to his or her own individual and job-specific talent gaps.

She is a bundle of energy and knowledge, forsaking a wonderful international career in people, and forging out on her own path. As she described in the interview, she had an INSTAGRAM perfect career but chose to follow her purpose.

Who gets’s really excited about messing up? One of the key aspects of the work Jen does and what she spoke about, was the trading fear for innovation and that is so important for leaders.

Connect with Jen on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenniferrthornton/

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