Amongst our daily challenges are the lessons we should be learning, our lessons from our mess-ups, our stuff-ups. The lessons from when we have been shafted, the lessons from being taken advantage of. The lessons from our messes, the lessons that take our life forward to becoming greater than where they currently stand. CoachCurl knows as well as everyone the power of these lessons. He takes the lessons of life and moves through positively. A life-long surfer, he enjoys his time in the water, and the lessons he takes from the waves. The beatings, the hold-downs, the tough paddles, the risks, the rewards, the large marine animals that have frolicked and have created fear. The lessons are alwasy there.

As they were, just two weeks back on his annual surfing holiday in Yamba. He openly shares his lesson from the trip and the positive impact it has created on his return.

The Psycology of the Surf School

Watching a surf school attack the beach inspired Tony to put some words down in this segment watching the different personaility at play.

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