In the world of sporting scandals, one thing we know is the rare occurrence of an Australian caught cheating. Lets just check out some of the sporting cheats uncovered throughout the times. Ben Johnston , Lance Armstrong, Chicago White Sox, Rosie Suiz and her win by the Subway in the Boston Marathon, and the New England Patriots deflategate are amongst some of the biggest cheating stories, and the common thread is they are not Australian. That is until the Australian Cricket Captain was caught cheating.

Our name has been tarnished before, of course and our New Zealand friends will never forgive us for the underarm ball, and while that incident may have been questionable it was never against the rules. Fittingly they changed the rules after that, with the Australian obsession with the win the reason.

Cameron Bancroft, Steve Smith and the Australian Cricket Leadership group, apparently hatched a plan to tamper with the cricket ball, in what would seem a misguided attempt to bring them back into the Third Test against South Africa. The rules of the game, prohibit such tampering and the ball must be allowed to age and wear from the natural wear and tear of the game. The rules declare it is illegal to bring foreign substances to hasten the wear on the ball.

Cricket has been littered with questions and rumours of ball tampering and when others have been caught, the condemnation from Australia has been vocal. The shoe is on the other foot, and the cricket world is just as vocal against us. The world of Australian cricket may never recover and we should see some high profile casualties.

The only positive from this has been captain Smith and player Bancroft open and frank admissions after Bancroft had been charged with ball tampering. However, the cynic would argue they had no choice after the incident had been shown on the big screen at the ground and to a worldwide television audience.

There are so many questions around leadership in Australian cricket here. Questions on integrity; the approach to a relatively new player to carry out the task; the lack of objections from other senior players; the lack of thought provided as role models to the game and the nation and finally a sense of winning fair.

The Australian team has had a drama plagued tour of South Africa with documented and televised incidents leading up to this one. The culture of Australian cricket must be questioned and an investigation must be carried out to determine the root cause. And decisions for the better must come from it.

The Dumb Leaders Podcast will feature this incident and discuss what has happened since. It is due to go live Thursday the 29th March. Hopefully the investigation will have been completed and deliberated, with some actions and accountability dished out.

The day the Australian cricket captain was caught cheating is a sad day for a proud cricketing nation and public. The lessons it serves to both our sporting and business teams is 100% vital for us to learn.


Photo by arj. on Unsplash

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