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Featured posts from stories from our readers. We share the stories, we shape a strategy not to be the dumb leader, and importantly our resident experts share insights in how to deal with the dumb leader.

Now when we heard this story, we simply didn’t believe it. Sorry, we didn’t want to believe it. But we have heard since from others who have had the same experience. So much so, it will become a feature...
Originally published here. A probation period is now seen as a normal course of business events. Some industries goes as far as “auditioning” or trialling for a job. We understand this is sometimes needed, especially when working through services to...
STUCK AT SIGN-OFF. “Hey Dumb Leaders Handbook, we have a dumb leader where I work. We’ve ground to a halt. She has her hands on everything” We have all had those bosses that insist on having sign-off on everything. It’s frustrating...