Every Leader has at one stage been a dumb leader

Our resident experts are help to help you. They will be analysing your stories and providing you with a strategy to help get through and become a better leader. The challenge we give them is to provide that solution in one paragraph. Clarity is your friend. Based on years of research into leadership theories,  multiple thesiss and academic papers; into one paragraph that you can take on board and make it work for you.

Our resident experts are pretty smart. And you will see that, in 25 words or less.

Become a better leader by learning the lessons from the dumb.

Our resident experts will provide the strategies for your readers contributions. They are all pretty smart and are experts in their field. They also readily acknowledge that they have made dumb mistakes, and that in itself is pretty smart.

Michella Francis
Resident Expert - Workplace Conflict
Michella has built a reputation as "The No-Drama Queen" working with businesses to create drama-free workplaces. She is Director of Venus Consulting and is an expert in brain science. She is pretty smart because she has built a program called Workplace Prosperity which help creates culture and improves results. She is originally from Denmark.
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Mark Jones
Resident Expert - All Things Marketing
Mark is our resident expert on all things marketing. He runs a growing business called Your Digital Solution and looks forward to helping providing solutions to our readers dumb leader stories. He is pretty smart because he has a Masters Degree and is heavily involved in a number of start-up companies. He rides a bike.
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Kevin Gammie
Resident Expert - Team Culture
Kevin runs Growth Mentors Australia and has helped hundreds of businesses find their Business Mojo, which is also a book that he has published. He is pretty smart because he loves his tribes and supports Cronulla. He has built a tribe of over 5,000 business owners in Brisbane. He has red hair.
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Barry Hopkins
Resident Expert - Commercial Stuff
Barry is a turnaround expert, helping businesses recover from severe financial pressure. He is pretty smart, because if he can't help you turn your business around, he helps you come out with still some money in your pocket. That's pretty smart, in our eyes. He likes numbers.
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