#5 The Dispassionate – Treat Everyone the Same

Dumb Leaders Treat Everyone the Same
The Dispassionate - Treat Everyone the Same The team waited in anticipation for the day the new boss started. The previous leader had walked out...

#104 The Dumb Leaders Podcast – The Plight of Plonker Pete

Episode 104 of the Dumb Leaders Podcast Talking about Plonker Pete. Welcome to the Dumb Leaders Podcast as today I share another story that is...

#4 The Blissfully Ignorant – They Don’t Ask Questions.

The Dumb Leaders - Questions
The Dumb Leader drove away from the state meeting with his mind churning. The meeting was full of information and new upcoming strategies. Seasoned...

Ten of the Dumbest Things Ever Said By A Leader

Dumb Quotes Through History
In doing research for The Dumb Leaders I have come across some really dumb things attributed to our leaders. While these quotes aren't all...

#103 The Dumb Leaders Podcast – Tales of Woe and Dread...

Episode 103 of The Dumb Leaders Podcast
Episode 103 of The Dumb Leaders Podcast. Barry Hopkins and Kevin Gammie, share their insight into Dumb Leadership mistakes and what they have learnt...

The Powers That Be : The Crux of Poor Leaders Everywhere.

The Powers That Be
Originally published on Linkedin Hands Up if you have ever heard those terms in your corporate career? The Powers to Be or That Powers that Be. Usually...