#49 – Splinter Groups Divide and Conquer. How Dumb!

Spliterning minority groups by dividing and conquering is dumb, yet we continually see this happening. We have the need to connect, but we also...

#48 – They’re Killing off Woody – WTF

Woody has a Friend in Forky
Dumb Leaders are always in the news and this week we will look at Trump, Iran, the AFL and Brexit, not to mention the...

#10 – Ungrateful Swine -Never Thanks Their Team

ungrateful swine
I worked with a leader once who was a bit of a glory hog. Loved the accolades sent his way when his team won...

#47 – The Ungrateful Swine Who Never Thanks Their Team

A leader who never thanks their team will ultimately be left without a team. Learn this lesson of a dumb leader to help you...

#46 Conspiracy Theories and Leadership Paranoia

Conspiracy Theories and Leadership Paranoia. It's a thing that you should know about and should understand how to minimise the impacts in your quest...

#45 Scott Morrison – It Ain’t a Bloody Miracle

As promised, It's over after we dissect Scott Morrison's winning speech. Filled with rock-star adulation, and almost ten minutes of thank yous, did Morrison...