I never thought I would see the day where the hastag #pissingcontest would be linked to two world leaders, as they currently are with Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. If the actual fate of the world was not at sake, this would be laughable. But unfortunately it is serious.

It makes the #pissingcontest leader I knew pale into comparison. “Old mate”, always had to have the best car, biggest house and knew the best people. His testosterone would certainly come to the fore when dealing with female leaders in his team as he would often have conversations based entirely on how much their partners would make. It was ordinary and piss poor.

Let’s hope the current #pissingcontest ends up harmless, like “old mate” contests used to. People treated him as a joke, as they should and he ltimately faded in obscurity. The “mine is bigger than yours” is a trait that is best left at pre-school where these behaviours are usually worked out of us, as we learn to share our toys and our worlds.

I knew that Donald would give us some news, in fact we have purposely stayed away as we could be picking up stuff almost daily. And me being a fair bloke, I would have to admit that he has set out to do what he said he would do and has managed to do a fair bit in his first year in office. Doesn’t mean we have to like him, although we do know many do.

That’s the beauty of being human.

But as a leader, leave the pre-school behaviours where they belong. Leadership should never be a #pissing contest.


Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash