Originally Published HERE – Kashmala Tahseen

The dumb leader phenomenon is getting pretty common. It happens in a variety of settings and in all kinds of workplaces.
Why does it happen and how? Psychologists have an explanation.

It has a lot to do with Perception. On an individual level, we all know intuitively that smart people make better leaders and generally lead their groups in a better way. Many studies also corroborate the same- Groups led by smart people often perform better than groups with not-so-smart-ones.

Interestingly, however, how smart leaders are perceived by their followers is not so obvious. In fact, probing into this questions reveals that smart People may actually be perceived to be LESS effective by their subordinates even if it is not true! This finding is common to a myriad of settings from business to politics and this is why we all may have witnessed the promotion of worse leaders without the required smarts getting promoted over people who actually have the acumen to lead.

Recently a research carried out at the University of Lausanne evaluated about 400 business leaders in 30 different countries working in various industries and businesses.

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