We love dumb leaders, because it helps us provide value to leaders who want to be better. And we want to hear from you. Share your dumb leader stories with us and become an active part of the Dumb Leaders Handbook community.

It can be a dumb leader you have seen or heard about. It can be a dumb leader you work with, or even report to. It may even be YOU. Our resident experts will share their view of what can be done to help improve the situation.

With everything we need rules. These rules keep us out of the courts, and we would prefer your contribution to abide by them. But if not, before we publish we will abide by them.

We want to learn from the mistakes, the behaviours and the habits of dumb leaders, not place them in a position to be ridiculed personally.  We want to hear the train wrecks, the upheavals, the ego plays and the incompetent to name just a few. We want to hear the vents, the dumb decisions, the communication breakdowns… we want it, we want to help you learn from it.

Our rules for keeping the lawyers away.

    • No names. We don’t want or need names. No names of people, no names of companies, no names of workplaces. (we won’t publish them and all details provided are safe with us)
    • Share your story and the outcome if something ordinary has resulted from the story
    • Every story shared is 100% confidential. Your name, profile, location, company and title will never be published or shared.
    • When sharing your story, please advise if you want a personal strategy from one of our resident experts to help guide in the situation.