Our readers contribution The Onboarding Dictator created more feedback from our readers who had been placed in similar situations. Where induction failed to meet or live up the expectations of the business. Some shared just horrible circumstances of poorly prepared facilitators whil others shared the bane of our existance “The Online Induction”, where they sit in an office all day and complete the mandatory compliance training. What an introduction to a company. There were similar tales of woe. What are the steps to improve induction?
We asked our Resident Expert, Michella Francis from Venus Consulting to provide 5 simple tips to leaders onboarding and inducting people into the culture and into the company.
Michelle tells us that the mindset of the leader facilitating the induction is so important, as it is this mindset that determines whether the induction is welcoming or driven by compliance. Induction will always incorporate compliance and training needs but the environment created by the leader will produce the welcoming atmosphere you want.
She offers these simple tips to help improve the environment.
1. Play happy music when you open the door to the room
Nothing makes people smile and feel energised than being surrounded by music that makes them happy. Most motivational speakers enter the stage to a highlights reel with motivational music. It pumps up the audience and builds atmosphere. Welcome your new team with music.
2. Smile and look at your new team when they enter the room and be aware of having open body language.
First impressions can be lasting impressions. If people see you are genuinely welcoming, they will feel welcomed. A smile is one of the simplest things you can give to someone new. Don’t be afraid to do it.
3. Engage in small talk for a couple of minutes
Don’t get straight to business. Your time is valuable but the ability to break the ice and converse naturally is one that will pay dividends. Many new team members will remember that first conversation for many years to come and will recount that often. Invest the time in small talk and reap the benefits.
4. Introduce yourself – share a personal story or two to create a vulnerability they can relate to.
Critical component. Introduce yourself. Unknowingly you have been placed into a position of power. You are a current leader of the business, a business they have chosen to work for. Sharing a personal story, provides the opportunity to equalise that power and to build trust in the new team.
5. Show them the agenda and thoroughly talk them through what is going to happen. This can remove any anxiety and uncertainty about the presentation.
Many will be anxious of what they don’t know. Share and be open on how the induction will pan out and alleviate those fears early. Settle them in, make them conscious and comfortable. Help them get excited about the proceedings.
By following Michella’s five simple steps to improve induction, your onboarding experience for new team members will improve. If you want to create long term, productive and happy employees a great onboarding experience is a must. These simple steps to improve induction will help provide that experience.
Photo by Joseph Pearson on Unsplash